Survey Advice

Home Surveys

A home survey is highly recommended for anyone wishing to purchase a property.
A home survey identifies any major issues for a buyer.
Home surveys are done by Chartered Surveyors who would come and survey the property and thereafter prepare a report outlining any issues.

Types of home surveys

Home Buyers Report
This type of survey is the most popular type of inspection and the standard choice for most properties in a reasonable condition.
This inspection includes advice on repairs & maintenance and anything that does not meet regulations
If your property is unusual or a period property it is a good idea to opt for a more detailed building survey (see below)

Building Survey
This is the most detailed and thorough survey for a property and also known as full structural survey.
The survey is very comprehensive and is a good idea if you are purchasing a property over 50 years old and in a poor condition.

Home Survey Costs
The costs vary significantly depending on the size, type of property and location.
Different surveyors charge varying amounts and it is vital you get quotes before hand.
We ensure our surveyors are regulated to give you peace of mind and ensure the quotes are competitive to save you money.