What is a Domestic EPC?

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate carried out by an accredited assessor showing how energy efficient a property is.
The grades range from A to G (‘A’ being the most efficient and ‘G’ being least)

When is an EPC Required?
It is a Legal Requirement to have an EPC for your home before you sell it or let it.
There is a fine from between £500 – £5,000 based on the rateable value of the building if an EPC is not available to a prospective tenant or buyer.

How long is the EPC valid for?
An EPC is valid for 10 years

What other information is on the EPC ?
The EPC will also list ways to improve your current rating.
The EPC also includes estimates of the energy the property potentially uses, estimated fuel costs for the property, carbon dioxide emissions and details of the assessor.

Minimum Energy Standards
From 1st April 2018, it will be illegal to let out any residential property in England and Wales with an EPC rating of Band F or G.
This will apply to all new tenancies granted on or after 1st April 2018.
From 1st April 2020, all residential properties let out to tenants must have an EPC rating of E or higher.

Commercial or Non-Domestic EPC

A commercial EPC is required by law if selling, letting or buying a commercial building.

Exemptions to these are:
– Places of worship.
– Listed or officially protected building and the minimum EPC requirements would unacceptably alter it.
– A detached building with a total floor space of under 50 square meters.
– A temporary building only going to be used for 2 years or less.
– Due to be demolished by the seller or landlord.
– Industrial, Workshop, Non Residential agricultural buildings which have low energy usage.

How long is the EPC valid for?
An EPC is valid for 10 years

When must you display an EPC
– An EPC must be displayed to your commercial building if:
– The total useful area is over 500 square meters.
– The building is frequently visited by the public.
– An EPC has already been produced for the buildings sale, rental or construction.