About Us

We started our journey by providing Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) to Estate Agents and then directly to the public.

We noticed in doing so a vast price difference that Estate Agents were charging and what we charged directly to the customer.

Customers who purchased the Energy Performance Certificate from the agent paid on average between £85-£185 whilst we delivered the same service for an average of between £35-£45.

This was a vast price difference and we noticed that customers were losing out on saving a substantial amount.

We noticed the same pattern with Surveys, Conveyancing and Removal Services.

We felt this was unfair and wanted to provide a platform which was clear and was easy to use for consumers as well.

Compare the price for each service on this platform and you the consumer will not have to pay excessive prices for the same services provided by Estate Agents.

We do not advise you but we recommend providers who present their quotes to you and the decision is entirely made by you as to which provider suits your needs best.

We provide comparisons for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), Home Surveys, Conveyancing and Removals.